PS100 電源供應器

美國國家標準一級 Heavy Duty

Klacci 電子匣式鎖 電子逃生門鎖

The PS100 Power Supply is applicable for wide range of electrical products. It has an option to provide key to lock the enclosure. Battery backup has two hours backup power at full load during an A.C. power failure. Batteries will automatically recharge when failed power is restored. Fire alarm provides input for a normally closed fire alarm contact. When the fire alarm contact is “open”, power to locks or other component is removed. Restoring power is field selectable for automatic or manual.

  • UL/cUL listed for Class 2 output.
  • LED indicators for AC input, DC output and battery backup status.
  • The power supply can control up to (4) delayed egress exit devices.
  • Circuit breakers provide protection for motherboard.
  • Standard input options: 120 VAC, 1.0 Amp or 240 VAC, 0.5 Amp.
  • Output power: 24 VDC, 2 Amp or 12 VDC, 2 Amp.
  • Power supply box: 10″ high × 12-1/2″ wide × 5″ deep (254mm × 318mm × 127mm), gray with a hinged cover and constructed of heavy 20 gauge steel.
  • 3 options:
  1. Key lock.
  2. 火災警報.
  3. Battery backup (2 hrs.) during AC power failure.
  • UL/cUL listed as a power supply unit class 2, UL294, UL1034 and ULC-S318 requirements.

The power supply model is determined on the number of devices requiring electrical power:

PS101Voltage 120 VAC
PS102Voltage 240 VAC
PS101KVoltage 120 VAC with key lock
PS102KVoltage 240 VAC with key lock
PS101 – 2Two (2) zone controller board
PS101 – 4Two (2) zone controller board x 2
PS101 – FA火災警報
PS101 – BB備用電源

Optional Circuit Cards

The PS100 Series is available with several optional circuit cards to provide system flexibility. The power supply will accept one or a combination of any two cards.

Maximum wire run
  • 75 ft. (22 m) with 14 gauge wire and 28 gauge power transfer.
  • 100 ft. (30 m) with 14 gauge wire and 24 gauge power transfer.
  • 200 ft. (60 m) with 12 gauge wire and 24 gauge power transfer.
To order
100 – 2Two (2) zone controller board
100 – KKey lock
100 – 101120 VAC power supply board
100 – 102240 VAC power supply board
100 – FA火災警報
100 – BB備用電源
100 – AC*智慧門鎖
100 – AL*Alarm
100 – AO*Auto operator
100 – SI*Security interlock
100 – 4TD*Four (4) zone controller with time delay
*Unavailable until further notice.

Power Transfer – EPT

EPT-1 power transfer with steel housing and flexible tube. Secure and inconspicuous channel to bring power from the frame to the door. Narrow, shallow channel easily mortises into door edges. Accepts up to 3/8″ (9.5mm) diameter wire bundle. Accommodates doors that swing open 120 degrees. Unit is concealed when the door is closed. Suitable for wood, aluminum or steel door applications.

To order
  • Specify EPT-1.
  • Specify EPT-2.