PO系列自動開關門器 Motion Device


Klacci PO系列自動開關門器 Thermal Device


PO PO系列自動開關門器 Infrared Device


Lightweight and Heavy Duty

Weight less but works on 100lbs to 250lbs doors.

Energy Saving

DC inverter motor provides a more energy efficient choice.

Modular Design

Actuator, back plate, controller and most other parts are modular designed that makes installation a simplicity.

Simple Setup

Easy to setup and adjust through mobile device’s app interface.

Optional Devices

Capable for connecting with external inhibit devices such as motion sensor, thermal sensor and infrared sensor to transform the door into a touchless opening control.

Simple Setup

Klacci PO系列自動開關門器 mobile device’s app set up

The open position, backcheck position, latch position and all other operation parameters are easily set up through the user friendly mobile device’s app interface.*

* Please consult factory for availability

Klacci PO系列自動開關門器結構
Klacci PO系列自動開關門器控制器

Modular Design

Klacci PO系列自動開關門器爆炸圖

Actuator and controller are modularly designed to install directly on the back plate without complex assembly process. The plug-and-go power source make the door operator ready to use after installation.

Klacci PO系列自動開關門器 Push arm
Push arm
Klacci PO系列自動開關門器 Pull arm & track
Pull arm & track
  • Opens and holds the door in full open with the option for a preset period of time or until power is turned off.
Ventilation Mode
  • Door opens automatically when triggered by alarm system for air or smoke flow until signal is ceased.
Emergency Relay
  • Overrides all existing activation and keep the door closed until the emergency signal is ceased.
Latch Assist Mode
  • Pulls in the door to assist the lock’s latch engagement when the Door Operator is at closed position.
Obstruction Mode
  • Door stops when it detects obstruction when opening or closing.
Open Delay Mode
  • Delay opening of the door when it is needed by the door lock hardware.
Disable Push Button
  • Outside push button is disabled when activated.
Power Close Mode
  • Light amount of power is applied to assist the closing when the door is between 10° and 0° position.
Obstruction Detector
  • Detects obstruction presence for when the Door Operator is at open or closed position.
Push Open Mode
  • The operator opens the door to full-open position when manual push force is detected on the door.
Mode Selector
  • On – Allows signal inputs

  • Off – Disables all signal inputs except Ventilation Mode

  • Hold Open Mode – Opens and Holds the door in full open.
Vestibule Delay Mode
  • First door and second door opens in sequential order with second door in delay. Delay time of the second door is adjustable.
Door Closer Mode
  • Works as a door closer when electric power is turned off.
Electrical Data
  • Power input 110~240 VAC, 50/60Hz

  • Current draw 1A

  • Power output 24VDC @ 0.5A max draw
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