K-U Campus The School Security & Safety Solution

The Prevalence of School Violence

School violence seems to be a part of the news we hear from time to time. It isn’t anything new and have been happening around the community. There have been countless numbers of stabbings, shootings, fights and other types of violence in schools over the years, and a lot of people have been hurt or killed in these incidents.

School security is a unique challenge that demands innovative solutions and is a top priority for Klacci. Our goal is to prevent future tragedies, while ensuring the safety of children and faculty and providing peace of mind to parents.

According to data* from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • 1 in 5 high school students in the United States reported being bullied on school property in 2016.
  • Homicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for young people ages 10-24.
  • Youth violence is costly. Youth homicides and nonfatal physical assault-related injury cost billions of dollars each year.

Parents need to have peace of mind knowing that their children are protected while they are in school. At Klacci, we believe that it is our job to work together to keep all children as safe as possible. It is also our responsibility to do what we can to make sure that schools are safe places for parents to send their children.

* Data source quoted from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) used for youth violence prevention.

The Ideal Security and Safety Solution for Schools

Every school is unique when considering which security measures to put into place. No two schools have the same campus size, numbers of room, building layout and design. Budget is also an essential factor. Klacci’s K-U Campus Series offers a flexible solution for school administrations to choose that balances the available budget resources with the safety needs in the environment.

The K-U Campus Series, a lockdown and access control solution using Klacci’s comprehensive heavy-duty commercial products, all meet the ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 or Grade 2 strength requirements with UL294, UL60950, FCC Part 15 B&C.

The solution provides a wide range of options for both faculty members and first-line responders to be able to react to different threat levels. Occasionally, an immediate lock down is needed. Often a partial lockdown based upon suspicious activities is best, and at times, a total evacuation Is required during an emergency situation. The K-U Campus Series provides options to meet every circumstance.

Establish Guidelines and Let Klacci Do the Rest

Each school establishes guidelines for what actions would be necessary for each security event. A security event may be internal such as school violence or an active shooter. It may also be an external threat such as a pandemic outbreak, a violent crime, or a threat near the school or at a distance. Each security event has its own unique challenges and may evolve quickly accelerating from “normal” to “total lockdown”.

Examples of emergency events and possible responsive actions may include: 

The Central Parts of the System

Klacci K-U Campus Series The School Security & Safety Solution

Emergency Card - The Core of the Solutions

The authorized card triggers and reverses a complete lockdown by inserting and removing the card from the holder. The ability to integrate the Emergency Card with other security options ensures that the system is customized for budget, building layout and security risk assessment.

Klacci K-U Campus Series The School Security & Safety Solution

Centralized Security System

The K-U Campus Series is PC and smart device compatible, monitoring the real-time status of all access points on the premises, including responsive action triggers to lock all areas or specified areas in seconds.

Klacci K-U Campus Series The School Security & Safety Solution


Use the Fob to easily secure or release access to one or multiple nearby doors during a panic situation.

Klacci K-U Campus Series The School Security & Safety Solution

Shooter Detector

Automatically and immediately secures access to a nearby area where gunshot is detected.

Manual Operations

No hard wiring. Manually engage locking mechanism with an optional visual indication which shows the status of each individual lock.

When individual door security is needed without remote or centralized monitoring, manual operation is the best solution, protected by Klacci’s robust door locks and hardware.

  • An economic budgetary solution that won’t compromise your security 
  • Klacci offers a wide range of mechanical and standalone electrical lock and hardware selection including cylindrical locks, mortise locks, deadbolt locks, and exit devices. 
  • There is an option to include a visual indicator on the devices, so faculty are confident they are protected. 
  • No complex wiring is needed for installation and no centralized service maintenance is required.

School Security Solutions

  • Removing the authorized emergency card to set off lockdown mode from principal’s office or security control center. (Inserting the card disables lockdown mode).
  • PC/Smart Device features:
    • The registered administrator assigns or revokes authorization to individual user or door lock via the system. 
    • Users may control the locked doors and initiate responsive actions via smart devices based on their assigned authority.
    • Both system administrator and users could control the locked/unlocked doors depending on the emergency.
  • Automatically informs the police.
  • Once triggered, it automatically initiates a fire alarm and informs the fire department.
  • Shooter detectors automatically lock multiple or individual locks when a gunshot is detected. Alerts are sent to the principal or security office with no human action required.

How the Solution Works

The diagram illustrates how Klacci’s complete School Security Solution for both daily management and emergency lockdown integrates through the Centralized Real-time System, Emergency Card, Fob, and other devices. Door locks are available as either battery powered, or low voltage powered versions.

The Centralized Security System

In a panic situation, there is no room for mistakes and reactions must be enforced in a matter of seconds. The K-U Campus Series gives you the most visual and direct management over panic situations. You have total control of the system even during life-threatening situations.

  1. K-U Campus Series monitors the premises and instantly carries out lockdown procedures and reacts to emergencies such as fire, panic alarm, or active shooter.
  2. The system can be used to secure an individual entrance, groups of exits in a designated area at once, or trigger a complete lockdown.
  3. The Floor Map layout display can be customized to the actual surroundings for real-time monitoring and to control each access point.
  4. The system automatically updates and diagnoses the connection to synchronize the status (locked/unlocked) of each lock.
  5. The Emergency Card, as an integral part of the K-U Campus Series overrides commands from other devices to physically initiate a complete lockdown.
  6. An available mobile phone app and remote fob gives faculty members or authorized staff the ability to react to emergencies.

Navigating the System

Klacci K-U Campus Series 1000 Series Exit Device with interior side indicator

Initiating a lockdown

Based on the emergency, clicking on the corresponding responsive button will prompt an alert and confirmation before initiating procedures. A real-time message displays the current status during the lockdown.

Klacci K-U Campus Series 1000 Series Exit Device with interior side indicator

Door Position Detection

The system automatically detects that doors are properly closed and locked during lockdown mode.

Klacci K-U Campus Series 1000 Series Exit Device with interior side indicator

Planning and Assigning Authorizations

Individual areas can be configured and added from the floor plan overview, setting up authorized devices or remote fobs which can lock access in that area and show status during the lockdown.

Klacci K-U Campus Series 1000 Series Exit Device with interior side indicator

Real-time Surveillance

A video surveillance system can be integrated into the system. Monitoring the premises is effortless from the floor plan overview.

All the Hardware You Need for Your School Security Solution

Klacci offers the most extensive selection and the toughest hardware to employ with the K-U Campus Series.

Klacci K-U Campus Series The School Security & Safety Solution
iF Series Cylindrical Locks
iF Series Cylindrical Locks
Kii Assistant Series Cylindrical Locks
Kii Assistant Series Cylindrical Locks
Kii Assistant Series Mortise Loacks
Kii Assistant SeriesMortise Loacks
Kii Assistant Series Reader
Kii Assistant Series Reader
LF Series  Electric Cylindrical Lock
LF Series Electric Cylindrical Lock
M/M1 Series Electric Mortise Lock
M/M1 Series Electric Mortise Lock
1000/2000/30 Series Electric Exit Device
1000/2000/30 Series Electric Exit Device
PO Series Door Operators
PO Series Door Operators
ES Series Electric Strikes
ES Series Electric Strikes
Electric Bolt
Electric Bolt