Klacci FB系列天地栓


美國國家標準一級 門用五金

The FB Series Flush Bolts are produced by I-TEK Company in Taiwan under ISO 9001 quality management, which is system certified by Underwriter Laboratories. I-TEK’s test facility complies with ISO17025 and it is certified by Intertek under a continuous re-inspection program.

Furthermore, Klacci is a registered member of Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA), as well as continuously ensuring that we follow up-to-date ANSI Standards with rigorous inspections by Intertek and Underwriter Laboratories. Our aim is to make our customers feel secure in the knowledge that high-quality products are provided.

FB 系列產品選項

Klacci FB系列 Automatic 天地栓

Automatic Flush Bolts

Inactive door locks automatically when the active door is closed; Inactive door unlocks automatically when the active door is opened.
Klacci FB系列天地栓

Self-Latching Flush Bolts

Opening the active door + Manually unlatching the top bolt = inactive door is accessible; Closing the inactive and active door leaf in sequence = …
Klacci FB 系列 Manual 天地栓

Manual Flush Bolts

Switching the lever/snib upward to unlock, downward to lock; You now have access control of the inactive door in your fingers.