A True Pioneer in The New Era

The Touchless Solutions That Supports Dual Authentication

Reducing touchpoints to minimize the spread of germs have became the new norm in accessing door openings. The iF Series Touchless Smart Lock not only adds biometrics to supplement the existing access controls solution, but it also eliminates the need for physical keys or shared key cards by using mobile credentials – all within the hands of the user.

More Secure

The standard authentication uses the user mobile device’s biometric recognition function or a simple passcode to identify the visitor. The second authentication can be turned on from the Smartlink App as an option to add an additional facial recognition check.

More Flexibility

The lock administrator can easily adjust the security level of the opening by enabling or disabling the dual authentication. Not all spaces need the equal security, nor all authorized users having the same authority. The iF Series Touchless Smart Lock gives you the flexibility to adjust how much authentication is needed, by locks and by users.

More Convenience

Mobile credential gives an advantage for not having the input device installed or physically connected to the door lock. Meaning less setup or maintenance costs and less wear on the lock, but more convenience in regular maintenance.

Klacci iF系列行動生物辨識智慧門鎖 非接觸式智慧門鎖 雙重認證

Dual Authentication to Keep You Safe

Mobile credential can be seen as the digital key to accessing the opening. The electronic access control sector nowadays commonly adopted the mobile credentials with something you know (passcode), or with something you are (biometrics). Why not take the advantage of both?

Most smartphones or tablets carry cameras with built-in biometric identifications. The iF Series Touchless Smart Lock integrates these features with our Smartlink App, replacing the physical keys or key cards that gives you the choice to secure your space with something you know and something you are, so it is essentially a dual authentication.

The level of security required for access is determined by the lock administrator, who decides which users require the standard authentication and which ones need a dual.

Credential should be kept secure, but in case it happens, knowing your credential doesn’t mean they can get into your door. With iF Series Touchless Smart Lock installed at your door, you are the unique digital key for your lock.

Linkage® System Application

Klacci iF系列行動生物辨識智慧門鎖 Management Mobility with Cloud-based Application

Management Mobility with Cloud-based Application

Linkage® technology is an ecosystem that connects and brings together different access control applications under one single platform, allowing you to remotely manage and configure your locks installed in different locations based on the user’s needs and security requirements. User access rights can be added, managed and deleted in real time from anywhere via its Smartlink® app or web portal, as well as audit trails to all users.

The iF Series Touchless Smart Lock is designed for installation and setup simplicity, making use of your smartphone’s telecom signal to connect with the cloud, so no need for additional wireless connectivity specifically for the lock.

The Smartlink App offers the all-in-one tool to manage your iF Series Touchless Smart Lock. It is everything you need to control and access your door openings.

Klacci iF系列行動生物辨識智慧門鎖 App 首頁

The User Experience

  • All locks associated with the same user can be viewed at a glance. Easily switch among different locks on the App to unlock difference doors without the need to setup for multiple user accounts.
  • Feedback option is available through the App allowing user to report issue or share user experience with Klacci.
  • GDPR compliance with all biometrics data stored in the user device. Smartlink does not upload or share the data for other purpose.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
Klacci iF系列行動生物辨識智慧門鎖 App 管理

The Management

  • Add, delete or edit setting of the lock instantly, anywhere and anytime through the cloud-based Linkage®.
  • Adjust the requirement to access by using single or dual authentication, or even one tap quick access.
  • Set the accessible time and date for different locks and/or users.
  • Send one-time or multiple access authorization to temporary visitors remotely.
  • Turn on/off HOLD OPEN or PRIVACY mode. Set timer for PRIVACY mode.
  • User list, audit trails, lock battery level can be displayed from the App for complete visibility of the lock status.

The Security

  • Data transmission between the lock and the cloud-based Linkage® is 128-bit AES encrypted.
  • Each lock generates a unique encrypted key which is not shared by other locks.

Linkage® System Platform

Flexible Models to Adapt Your Every Need

One of the advantages of Linkage® technology is that it can easily be adapted and combined into new or existing management systems that gives you ease of access and management. Whether using it in a small or large scale application, Linkage® delivers exactly what you need.

Klacci iF系列行動生物辨識智慧門鎖 Linkage 系統管理平台
Klacci iF系列行動生物辨識智慧門鎖 Linkage 系統管理平台

Basic Model

All your management needs can be fulfilled with the Smartlink® mobile app , which include:

  • Add, modify and delete user access rights
  • Perform advanced access control settings
  • Real-time monitoring and status alert
  • Check user’s audit trail

Advanced Model

Businesses that already have a centralized system can choose to customize and integrate the Linkage® platform into their existing system. For specific applications such as B & B, hotels and apartments, the management platform can integrate payment services* to accomodate faster and more convenient services and solutions.

  • Batch Authorization
  • Assignee Authorization
  • Authorization Transfer

Product Options​

With the advancement of the digital era, wireless technology has become a staple for efficient and smart application.

Klacci has pushed forward to bring forth a new level of efficiency and intelligent application. With the iF Series Touchless Smart Lock, access control operation and management has never been easier. No matter where or when, you have total control in the palm of your hand.

The iF Series Touchless Smart Lock is designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind to fit any home or business size and application. Along with its revolutionary innovative Linkage® technology, your property is ensured to be protected in a convenient yet secure way.

iF 系列產品選項

Klacci iF系列行動生物辨識智慧門鎖 iF-01圓柱形門鎖Klacci iF系列行動生物辨識智慧門鎖 iF-90/94匣式門鎖Klacci iF系列行動生物辨識智慧門鎖 iF-R讀頭與其他設備整合應用Klacci iF系列行動生物辨識智慧門鎖 iF-R1讀頭與圓柱形鎖整合應用Klacci iF系列行動生物辨識智慧門鎖 iF-R9讀頭與匣式鎖整合應用
了解更多 了解更多 了解更多
電源供應4顆AA鹼性電池輸入電壓: 12或24 VDC
1) 帶電迴路 (輸出電壓 = 輸入電壓; 電流: 最大值 1.5A)
2) 乾接點迴路 (COM, NO/NC)
  • 符合ANSI / BHMA A156.2 圓柱形鎖法規的一級鎖要求
  • 適用於ANSI A115.2 安裝法規
  • 新門安裝或舊鎖替換都同樣輕鬆簡單
  • 常開(HOLD OPEN)和勿擾(PRIVACY)模式為標準功能
  • 符合ANSI / BHMA A156.13 匣式鎖法規的一級鎖要求
  • 鎖體內大部分的作動零件均由高強度合金鋼製成, 鎖舌材質則是不銹鋼
  • 常開(HOLD OPEN)和勿擾(PRIVACY)模式為標準功能
  • 備有兩種輸入/ 輸出的通電迴路, 可輕易連接到逃生門鎖,陰極鎖,自動開關門器等設備
  • 常開(HOLD OPEN)和勿擾(PRIVACY)模式為標準功能
  • 符合ANSI / BHMA A156.2 圓柱形鎖法規的一級鎖要求
  • 讀卡機和機械鎖體為兩個獨立主體,造就出靈活安裝空間與搭配
  • 常開(HOLD OPEN)和勿擾(PRIVACY)模式為標準功能
  • 符合ANSI / BHMA A156.13 匣式鎖法規的一級鎖要求
  • 鎖體內大部分的作動零件均由高強度合金鋼製成, 鎖舌材質則是不銹鋼
  • 分離型內側讀卡控制器
  • 常開(HOLD OPEN)和勿擾(PRIVACY)模式為標準功能


  • 電池壽命: Estimated 1 year or 5000 cycles with 4 AA alkaline batteries.
  • 輸入電力: 12或24 VDC。 兩種輸出功能選項。
    1) 帶電迴路 (輸出電壓 = 輸入電壓; 電流: 最大值 1.5A)。
    2) 乾接點迴路(COM, NO/NC)。
  • 無限,取決於智能手機的存儲容量。
  • 可以使用用戶管理界面為無限制或3-5個用戶分配輔助管理員。
  • <<1秒(無人臉辨識)。
注意: 根據不同手機類型,實際感應狀況可能不同。
Visual Communications
  • LED.
  • Wifi.

  • 3G/4G/5G.

  • 藍牙 4.0.
  • AES 256-bit.
  • 2 m.
Wake-Up on Radio
  • 1s by Bluetooth connection or Inside button.
  • <<100kb 通過 Wifi, 3G/4G/5G。
  • Web portal management platform (manage authorization, authorization updates, biometric/non-biometric requirement).

  • Wifi access point (real-time communication).

  • Telecom signal (3G/4G/5G) (real-time communication).
  • Passcode, fingerprint, facial recognition, IRIS recognition (future feature), voice recognition (future feature).
  • 0~49°C。
  • ANSI/BHMA A156.25。

  • UL294 for Access Control System Units.

  • CAN/ULC-60839 for Electronic Access Control Systems.

  • FCC Part 15.

  • Industry Canada (IC) Certification.
  • Request-to-exit.

  • Battery status/low battery alert.

  • HOLD OPEN 常開模式 ( 長時間開鎖狀態直到重新設定為正常模式)。

  • PRIVACY 勿擾模式 (長時間閉鎖狀態直到重新設定為正常模式或轉動內側把手解除,管理者手機不受限)。

  • Communication status.
Flexible Solutions
  • 智慧型手機。

  • 平板。

  • Web portal via PC.
  • Add and configure locks.

  • Add new users and enroll credentials.

  • View users and alerts.

  • Perform lock diagnostics.

  • Requirements: IOS 9 or later Android 4.4 or later.

  • 標準認證:使用密碼或手機的生物辨識(指紋、人臉辨識、虹膜)開鎖。

  • 雙重認證:第一層先使用密碼或手機的生物辨識開鎖,第二層再使用Smartlink App的人臉辨識開鎖。

  • 使用者意見回饋。
Web Portal
  • Configure locks.

  • Add new users and enroll credentials.

  • View audits and alerts.

  • Setup facial recognition requirement for access.

  • Preserve for security camera/ online alerts connection port.

  • Requirements:
      » IE 11.1或更高版本。
      » Chrome 38.0或更高版本。
      » Firefox 33.0或更高版本。
      » 適用於Mac OS X10或更高版本。
      » Mobile/tablet browser for Android and iOS.