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Klacci Kii Assistant The hospitality System

The hospitality industry’s needs and expectations continue to raise, and Klacci provides lodging entrepreneurs the ease management they need and the experience their guest seek and deserve. Our products and services are designed to fulfill the most demanding requirements, thus bringing peace of mind for owners and guests at all times.

What is Kii Assistant?

The expectation for hospitality service has been edging higher. Guests demanding more total control from booking to checking-in without a long wait or any unnecessary work other than enjoying the service. Hotel owner, villa administrator or property manager are facing a challenge to adopt to the new technology of automation and network integration. Even more, upgrading from an existing hotel access control and management system that does not meet the new trend is usually a stressful and costly process that the hotelier either have to shut down the property temporary or need to replace expensive equipment.

Klacci’s Kii Assistant emphasizes on the guest experience and the owner experience. The system is backed by the full suite of the Klacci electronic access control products as well as the mechanical door hardware. Lodging management now has more confident securing their premises, while giving their customer the ability to customize their biometric data as e-key to access the premise in their fashion.

What it means for guests

Lodging should be simply about the pleasant experience. Nothing more. After a long way of traveling, the first and the foremost thing a traveler wants to do is to find himself/herself collapse on his/her bed of the hotel room, charging up either for their upcoming important meeting or long planned leisure activities. Klacci feels you. With Kii Assistant, it is only about the lodging experience. Forget about the complicated check-in and waiting process, guests could personalize how they will show up in their next stay from their own mobile devices.

What it means for administrators

You are already mind-filled about how to increase the guest satisfaction, Kii Assistant is here to simplify your property management and access control effort. The system is supported by the complete Klacci’s mechanical and electronic access control products to let you control who you want to let in or keep out. HVAC and lighting control can be integrated to the system to analyze and compare consumption. Upgrading from the existing system and access control system is easy without the expensive threshold for temporary shutting down the property or replacing equipment. An easy and effective management tool without stressing your staff force instead they should be working to satisfy your guests.

The Ideal Security and Safety Solution for Schools

For Hoteliers and Administrators

Innovative Solutions for the Retrofit Marketeers

Every school is unique when considering which security measures to put into place. No two schools have the same campus size, numbers of room, building layout and design. Budget is also an essential factor. Klacci’s K-U Campus Series offers a flexible solution for school administrations to choose that balances the available budget resources with the safety needs in the environment.

The K-U Campus Series, a lockdown and access control solution using Klacci’s comprehensive heavy-duty commercial products, all meet the ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 or Grade 2 strength requirements with UL294, UL60950, FCC Part 15 B&C.

The solution provides a wide range of options for both faculty members and first-line responders to be able to react to different threat levels. Occasionally, an immediate lock down is needed. Often a partial lockdown based upon suspicious activities is best, and at times, a total evacuation Is required during an emergency situation. The K-U Campus Series provides options to meet every circumstance.

Satisfied Guests

The most important goal for lodging service is to ensure that the guests experience an enjoyable stay through personalized, secure yet easy to use and convenient access control and services.

Ease of Management and Efficiency

Administrators can benefit from a user-friendly access control and management system that manages guest and staff access rights and updating the information of the lock in a convenient way, combined with the mobile access solution, check-in and management times can be greatly reduced and staff can focus on providing a better guest service.

Cost Effectiveness and High profitability

Outdated magstripe locks, PDAs, traditional key locks, and other equipment can now be replaced by the Kii Assistant Series durable and strong hotel lock, through its fast installation and wireless communication features the hardware maintenance and upgrade costs can be minimized. By reducing the unavailability of the rooms due to maintenance, the administrators can make full use of room turnovers, thus increasing profits, guest satisfaction and return rates.

Features and Advantages of Online Solution

Don’t settle for less when the most comprehensive solution is an option. Real- time data and remote operations are the main benefits from online system over standalone devices. Wire layout is the most common obstacle for hoteliers to upgrade their existing system due to temporary disruption to their business from rewiring or having the need to replace expensive equipment.

The Kii Assistant is a truly online connected solution. It offers all the benefits from the online system to assist hoteliers in the daily operations and management while providing the choices of battery powered or low voltage powered door locks.

Establish Guidelines and Let Klacci Do the Rest

For Guests

Time saving

Each school establishes guidelines for what actions would be necessary for each security event. A security event may be internal such as school violence or an active shooter. It may also be an external threat such as a pandemic outbreak, a violent crime, or a threat near the school or at a distance. Each security event has its own unique challenges and may evolve quickly accelerating from “normal” to “total lockdown”.

Examples of emergency events and possible responsive actions may include:

New and Innovative

When it comes to access point control, smart cards have become a popularity in the lodging industry mainly the given convenience of adjusting authorization and low cost of replacement. The Kii Assistant is taking advantage of the smart card access while adding a higher level of biometric verification that could be done on the guest’s mobile phone for the guest or lodging administrator to choose with. No physical card or key is necessary which the mobile phone is also the controller to the in-room temperature and lightings.

The Innovative Solution​

Smart Room Control with Sensing Module Integrated

Biometric Recognition and Advanced Encryption Technology

Utilizes biometrics recognition as the user’s unique credential while all electronic data transmission is encrypted through the Advanced Encryption Standard. Available push notifications setup from the personal device provides personalized alerts and messages.

  • Unique biometric credentials as used by the user’s smartphone (e.g., passcode, fingerprint, face recognition, etc.).
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protection.
  • The user’s smartphone is the recognition medium.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android system.

Smart Card

The smart card is suitable for assigning or revoking access to long term or temporary tenants. Its use can be vast, not only can it be used to unlock doors, but it can also be used for other access such as elevators, accommodation services or rental systems.

  • Credentials can be quickly assigned or revoked by the administrator.
  • The smart card is completely secured by secure messaging.


Standard• Conforms to ISO/IEC 14443-A standard.
Card Type• Mifare® Classic, Mifare® DESFire, Mifare® Plus.
Frequency• 13.56 MHz.
Material• PVC.
Size• 3-3/8″ × 2-1/8″ × 1/32″ (85.6mm x 54mm x 0.8mm).

Self-diagnose-and-alert locks report real-time status back to the management platform or to the central control room through the Wi-Fi network. Manual logging and lock maintenance are no more of the routine work. The build-in vibration sensor also
detects when damages are made to the door to ensure hazards across the premise are monitored and reacted timely.

  • Self-diagnose locks.
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts.

* Self-diagnose and monitoring is an optional feature.

Two-way data communication is the core of the age of IoT. With the wireless charging module in the Wi-Fi network, the devices receive continuous AC power supply without wire wear around the hinge edge of the door and no more battery replacement is necessary.

  • The wireless charging module integrated lock is powered by a lithium battery and recharged through the wireless charging module for continuous power supply. This provides an advantage over the traditional battery powered lock in power consumption when transmitting data.
  • No more battery replacement.

* Wireless charging module is an optional feature.

Room reservations or housekeeping status are updated remotely. The platform network also automatically collects data on user audit trail and guest preference as an analysis tool to provide value-added service.

  • Access to the housekeeping database in the same platform without toggling between two systems.
  • Integration of web service based front-end and back-end platform.

The Centralized Security System

In a panic situation, there is no room for mistakes and reactions must be enforced in a matter of seconds. The K-U Campus Series gives you the most visual and direct management over panic situations. You have total control of the system even during life-threatening situations.

  1. K-U Campus Series monitors the premises and instantly carries out lockdown procedures and reacts to emergencies such as fire, panic alarm, or active shooter.
  2. The system can be used to secure an individual entrance, groups of exits in a designated area at once, or trigger a complete lockdown.
  3. The Floor Map layout display can be customized to the actual surroundings for real-time monitoring and to control each access point.
  4. The system automatically updates and diagnoses the connection to synchronize the status (locked/unlocked) of each lock.
  5. The Emergency Card, as an integral part of the K-U Campus Series overrides commands from other devices to physically initiate a complete lockdown.
  6. An available mobile phone app and remote fob gives faculty members or authorized staff the ability to react to emergencies.

All the Hardware You Need for Your School Security Solution

Klacci offers the most extensive selection and the toughest hardware to employ with the K-U Campus Series.

Kii Assistant Series Mortise Loacks
Kii Assistant SeriesMortise Loacks
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