Klacci 1000 系列 DE延遲逃生裝置 電子逃生門鎖 A1 樣式
Klacci 1000 系列 DE延遲逃生裝置 電子逃生門鎖 A1 樣式
Klacci 2000 系列 DE延遲逃生裝置 電子窄頭型逃生門鎖 C 樣式
Klacci 2000 系列 DE延遲逃生裝置 電子窄頭型逃生門鎖 C 樣式


美國國家標準一級 Heavy Duty

The Delayed Egress Exit Device provides a controlled egress for openings which require panic or fire exit hardware for safe egress. It is a self contained exit device, when armed it will deny exit to unauthorized personnel for 15 or 30 seconds, while simultaneously sounding a local or remote audible alarm. The Remote Monitoring feature will alert the security personnel that an attempt is being made to exit the opening. After the 15 (or 30) second delay of egress period, the device will function as a standard exit device for safe egress.


The device secures the door in the locked mode with a red LED indicating locked status. Depressing the Push bar by accident or for less than the nuisance delay time will sound the alarm without initiating the alarm sequence. Depressing the Push bar with less than 15 pounds pressure, for longer than the nuisance delay time will initiate an irreversible local audible beeping tone and a visual Red indicator until the device releases. After the delay egress time, the lock releases and the alarm changes to a steady tone which continues to alarm until reset. The remote monitoring contact output can be used to alert security personnel.

  • Silence the alarm after activation.
  • Deactivate the alarm for continuous unmonitored egress.
The Delayed Egress device includes decal for application on door
Klacci AL Alarm Exit Electrical Exit Devices English decal

A “30 Seconds” decal is provided when the 30-second delay option is specified.

Solenoid Specifications
  • Current Pulse (0.3 seconds): 24 VDC, 16 Amp.
  • Continuous: 24 VDC, 0.37 Amp Requires PS100 Power Supply.
To order
  • Prefix DE (e.g. DE1100, DE2100).