Klacci iK+ Series Contactless Smart Keypad Lock office

iK+ Series Contactless Smart Keypad Lock

iK+ Contactless Smart Keypad Lock Unlock it, without touching it

Comes standard with choices of unlocking method including smart card and passcode, which brings the advantage of faster access time yet with security in mind. Not only proximity contactless, the iK+ Series is offering a powerful mix among performance, convenience, security and flexibility from what the smart card can be provided.


Proximity contactless verification time of less than 1 second, giving users the maximum speed to access with longer card reading distances.

* Time and proximity distance of about 0.75″ may vary depending on type or format of the electronic credential is used.


Electronic credentials can be quickly assigned or revoked by the administrator at the lock. It is just that easy to adjust your access authorization for either longer term or temporary access users.


The smart card is completely secured by secure messaging. Accessing data stored is protected by up to AES 128-bit encryption.*

* Crypto algorithms based upon card types.


Fully compliant with the contactless proximity smart card protocol according to ISO14443A/B. The electronic key available in multiple formats such as tag or transponder to fit your preference.

Making Life Simpler

Nothing denotes convenience better than going keyless when it comes to access control.

The iK+ Series Smart Lock offers you a quick and easy way of entry to your premises and takes away the burden of having to carry a key to open the door. With a simple Smart card or passcode input you can access in a matter of seconds.

This product has been designed for flexible and easy installation, as it fits into a standard cylindrical lock door preparation and is suitable for a wide range of applications, including homes, B & Bs, offices, hotels, clinics, among many others.

Keeping You Safe, Secure and Well

Safety and security have always been the main concern and priority when choosing a lock. That is why Klacci ensures that our products bring you the security and comfort that you deserve.

The iK+ Series Smart Lock complies with the most rigorous standards and testing in the market as an ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 product, having a robust and durable core lock that can withstand forceful entry attempts.

The electronics are certified for the ANSI/BHMA A156.25 Electrified Locking Devices and UL294 Standard for Access Control System Units, with the complete lock tested for UL 3 Hour Fire Rating. The iK+ provides you an all-around protection from all types of threats and hazards.

The lock’s dummy passcode function can be activated if needed, which enables users to randomly input a string of dummy codes before entering the access passcode, countering anyone who tries to decode the passcode via peeking or fingerprint tracing.

For added security, the system has an automatic lockout mechanism that disables passcode input for one minute after 5 failed attempts, preventing anyone from figuring out the passcode via trial and error.

Fast and Convenient

The iK Series Keypad Lock has been designed for fast and convenient operation. The passcode verification time is less than 1 second and will automatically lock after usage. User passcodes can be added or removed with ease, and one specific set of passcodes can be deleted without erasing or affecting the rest of the passcodes. For the case that the administrator’s passcode is forgotten, the lock can be reset to default.

Being battery powered means that complicated door preparation and wiring are not necessary, and installation can be quickly achieved by simply using a Phillip screwdriver.

Apart from its normal operating mode, it features a Hold Open mode, which sets the lock in a continuously unlocked mode, removing the need of having to input a passcode for every access, perfect for high-traffic locations such as offices. Also, a Privacy mode can be activated to temporarily disable all user codes for case where you do not want to be disturbed. Such feature does not disable the administrator’s passcode.

Klacci iF系列行動生物辨識智慧門鎖 iF-01 圓柱形門鎖 內側


  • Fast passcode verification time of less than 1 second.
  • Code capacity allows 1 admin code, up to 10 Manager, 500 User and 5 Service codes.
  • The administrator can decide the length of the user’s passcode, between 4~8 digits.
  • Passcode and smart card credentials can be quickly assigned or revoked by the administrator.
  • The smart card is suitable for assigning or revoking access to long term or temporary users.
  • Transmission of the smart card is completely secured by secure messaging.
  • Low battery warning will notify users to replace batteries.
  • Passcode data will not be erased after replacing batteries, power outage or not using it for a long period of time.
  • Keypad with key operating sounds that can be toggled on and off.
  • Non-handed, field reversible to be installed in left and right-handed doors.
  • Key override for emergency situations such as power or electronic failure.
  • The HOLD OPEN or PRIVACY mode can be turned on/off by the administrator.
  • The duration of HOLD OPEN mode can be preset from 1 to 23 hours, or without time limit.
  • Dual color LED visual indicator and audible alert.
  • Conforms to ANSI/BHMA A156.2 Grade 1, A156.25, UL 294, CAN/ULC-60839 Access Control System Standards, UL10C, ADA, FCC Part 15, Industry Canada (IC).
  • Clutch function available: when locked, the outside lever will disengage from the lock mechanism and rotate freely.
  • Manufacturer warranty: Mechanical parts for 5 years, electrified parts for 1 year, and finishes for 1 year.
  • ANSI/BHMA A156.25

  • UL294 for Access Control System Units.

  • CAN/ULC-60839 for Electronic Access Control Systems.

  • FCC Part 15.

  • Industry Canada (IC) Certification.

  • Meets the ADA Standards.
  • 密碼輸入。

  • 智慧感應卡片。

  • 機械鑰匙。
  • 標準模式。

  • HOLD OPEN 常開模式 ( 長時間開鎖狀態直到重新設定為正常模式)。

  • PRIVACY 勿擾模式 (長時間閉鎖狀態直到重新設定為正常模式或轉動內側把手解除,管理者手機不受限)。
  • 0~49 °C。
  • Up to 2 years with 4 AA alkaline batteries.
  • Manager: Up to 10 managers.

  • User: Up to 500 users.

  • Service: Up to 5 services.
  • 單一管理者 (管理者密碼為6位數)。

  • 管理者決定通行密碼長度,為4~8位數。

  • 管理者可獨立新增或刪除特定的使用者密碼。
  • ≤ 1秒。
  • 虛擬密碼功能 (輸入通行密碼前可先輸入12~16位數的虛擬密碼)。

  • 輸入密碼錯誤5次後自動鎖住一分鐘。
Maximum read range
  • 12 button, 3×4 matrix keypad.
  • 符合ISO/IEC 14443-A類型。
  • Mifare® Classic, Mifare® DESFire, Mifare® Plus。
  • 13.56 MHz。
  • PVC 聚氯乙烯。
  • 3-3/8″ × 2-1/8″ × 1/32″ (85.6mm x 54mm x 0.8mm)。