Klacci Safer and Healthier Openings to Combat COVID-19

Creating a Safer and Healthier Community by Touchless Solutions​

The touching surface of door hardware in high traffic and public use areas fabricates a perfect environment for harmful microbial to cultivate. The door hardware industry being the battlefront to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape, is quickly adopting the COVID-19 protocols to reduce the number of touchpoints in buildings especially at door opening.

COVID-19 has changed the lifestyle and the way how people interact with each other every day. Commercial businesses or government buildings are focusing not just on the safety, but also the wellness of their employees and customers more than ever. Minimizing health risks to the building occupants have becoming the next foremost important factor next to safety and security.

Klacci is taking the Electronic Access Control to the next level with utilization of the Mobile Access Solution. Mobile credentials can greatly reduce the number of necessary touches for building occupants to gain access to secured areas, which is more hygiene and convenient than re-usable cards or physical keys in shared spaces. Our available multi-authentications mobile access control products strike the perfect mix among security, touchless access, and social distancing control.

We protect and care for our community.

Klacci Safe to Touch
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