A professional range of products include Lever Locks, Cylindrical Locks, Interconnected Locks and Mortise Locks for commercial, institutional, governmental buildings and other public accommodations or private entities. Klacci products are certified ISO9001, UL listed, ANSI/BHMA A156.2, ANSI/BHMA A156.5, and ANSI/BHMA A156.13. and Barrier Free Accessibility for certain items.

Klacci Product range

Access controlKlacci PO Series Door OperatorPO Series Door Operator​
Klacci Kii Assistant The hospitality System Featured ImageKii Assistant The hospitality System​
Klacci K-U Campus The School Security & Safety Solution Featured ImageK-U Campus Series The School Security & Safety Solution​
Klacci iF Series Mobile Biometrics Touchless Smart Lock Featured ImageiF Series Mobile Biometrics Access Control​
Klacci iK Series Keypad Lock Featured ImageiK Series Keypad Lock​
Klacci iK+ Series Contactless Smart Keypad Lock Featured ImageiK+ Series Contactless Smart Keypad Lock​
Exit DevicesKlacci 1000 Series Exit Devices Featured Image1000 Series Exit Devices​
Klacci 2000 Series Narrow Head Exit Devices Featured Image2000 Series Narrow Head Exit Devices​
Klacci 30 Series Exit Devices Featured Image30 Series Exit Devices​
Klacci CR Series Door Coordinators Featured ImageCR Series Door Coordinators​
Mortise LockKlacci M Series Mortise Lock Featured ImageM Series Mortise Lock​​
Klacci M1 Series Mortise Lock Featured ImageM1 Series Mortise Lock​
Anti-ligature SolutionsKlacci M Series Anti-ligature Solutions Featured ImageM Series Anti-ligature Solutions
Push/Pull TrimKlacci HL Series Push Pull Trim Featured ImageHL Series Push/Pull Trim​
Flush BoltKlacci FB Series Flush Bolts Featured ImageFB Series Flush Bolts
Lever LockKlacci LF Series Cylindrical Lever Lock Featured ImageLF Series Cylindrical Lock​
Klacci LI Series Cylindrical Lever Lock Featured ImageLI Series Cylindrical Lock
Knob LockKlacci LH Series Cylindrical Knob Lock Featured ImageLH Series Cylindrical Lock​
Klacci B Series Cylindrical Knob Lock Featured ImageB Series Cylindrical Lock​
Tubular LockKlacci T6 Series Tubular Deadbolts Featured ImageT6 Series Tubular Deadbolts​
Klacci LE Series Tubular Lock Featured ImageLE Series Tubular Lock

Product Overview

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