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30 Series Exit Devices

The 30 Series Exit Devices are the result of continuous innovation to bring forth a product that can combine strength, durability, convenience and aesthetics. Simple design yet complete, it is your best choice for cost effective commercial applications.

The 30 Series Exit Devices are fabricated and blended with simplicity,
strength, durability, aesthetics and installer-friendly innovations.

  • Devices and trims are designed for new or retrofit installation into other manufacturers’ exit devices and trims.
  • Made to comply with the highest safety and security standards in industry.
  • UL/cUL listed for panic hardware or 3-hour fire rated exit hardware.
  • Certified to ANSI/UL305 and ANSI/BHMA A156.3 Grade 1.

A Simple cylinder built in add-on kit.

B Special plastic inserts and rubber bumpers reduce noise and don’t fail under high or low temperatures. Impervious to petroleum lubricants.

C Standard high-performance engineering plastic.

D Trim designed for fast and easy installation.

E Alloy steel latch and deadlatching blade add perceived value.

F Integrated end cap and pivot add push pad stability and make the bar move smoothly regardless of where the pressure is applied on push pad.

G Push bar is smoothly surfaced. Reduced projection minimizes catch hazard.

H Dogging can be done with an allen wrench, a small flat key or a flat blade screwdriver.

I Flush end cap design.

Device Material


Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze61310BPlasticPlatedAnodized
Satin Aluminum628US28PlasticPlatedAnodized

For other finishes consult factory.

OperationsTrim Option
700 Series Trim
01Exit OnlyN
02Dummy Pull Only702
03Night Latch, Key Retracts LatchboltN
08Key Locks or Unlocks Latchbolt708
09Night Latch Key Retracts Latchbolt709
14Lever / Knob Always Active, No CylinderHL3014

Note: Device functions are field selectable with the removal of drive screw in back of center case and determined by the type of trim adaption.

700 Series Trim Features

  • Sleek design square rose produced by stamping.
  • Trims are designed to retrofit into other manufacturers’ devices.
  • Non-handed.
  • Trims are UL/cUL certified for ANSI/BHMA A156.3 Grade 1 and 3-hour Fire Rated.
  • Specify lever or knob design. (“D” lever furnished standard, unless specified).

Lever / Grip Options

 Panic Application
 Fire Application


Rim Device

P/N. 106Z
Rim Strike
For Rim / SVR top strike
P/N. 108
Rim Strike
For double door Rim
use with F170/F270 mullion
P/N. 136
Rim Strike
For double door Rim / SVR
combination with coordinator

Vertical Rod Device

Top Strike

P/N. 215
Top Strike
For flush transom

Flat Bottom Strike

P/N. 225
Flat Bottom Strike
Optional for
round slide bolt
P/N. 226
Flat Bottom Strike
Optional for
round slide bolt


Bottom Strike

P/N. 227/227F
Bottom Strike
Furnished standard for
P/N. 224
Bottom Strike
Optional for



P/N. 616819-010
For 106 Rim Strike
Two (2) pieces furnished standard
P/N. 616819-030
For 108 Rim Strike
Two (2) pieces furnished standard

Cylinders are not furnished standard with the device or trim, specify when required. Schlage C keyway, 6-pin standard, available in 630 or 626 finish. Small Format Interchangeable Core combinated/uncombinated also available. Specify type and finish when ordering.

Cylinder TypeApplicationsCylinderCyl. Length
Cylinder Cam
Mortise Cylinder
ED_Cylinders_Mortise Cylinder IC ED_Cylinders_Mortise Cylinder Standard
DoggingStandard / I/CTailpiece Length 3-1/8″ (79.6mm)

ED_Cylinders_IC Core

I/C Core
“A” keyway standard supplied. Specify 6 or 7 pin, combinated or uncombinated and finish 606 or 626 when ordering. Consult factory for other keyways.






Less Dogging

Less Dogging is available in all 30 Series panic exit devices.

Cylinder Dogging

Available for all models except for Fire Exit Hardware. Cylinder Dogging provides the ability to lock down the Push Bar with a key
cylinder, allowing the door to be used in both Push/ Pull mode. To order, specify “CD”. Requires the use of a 1-1/4″ Mortise Cylinder (not furnished standard).

Flat/Hex Key Dogging


Top Rod

IllustrationDevice No.Part No.Rod LengthDoor Height
616823-0103236823150100038-3/16″ (970mm)7′
36823150100050-3/16″ (1275mm)8′
50-3/16″ (1275mm)
24″ (609mm)

* Extension Rod

Bottom Rod

For Push Bar location at 39-5/8″(1006 mm) from finished floor.

IllustrationDevice No.Part No.Rod Length
616823-0103236823140100034-1/16″ (865mm)


Portable Displaymount

Note: Please contact sales representative for more details.

Light Duty Option

PD 420/PD 430

  • PD 420 for A type Exit Device.
  • PD 430 for B, C and D type Exit Device.
  • Size: 24″ x 7-3/8″ x 8″ (600mm x 190mm x 205mm).
  • Weight: 1.7 lb (0.8kg).

Heavy Duty Option

PD 620/640

  • PD 620 for 1100 Rim Exit Device.
  • PD 640 for 1400 Mortise Lock Exit Devices.
  • Size: 35-1/2″ x 14″ x 24-1/2″ (900mm x 350mm x 620mm).
  • Weight: 11 lb (5kg).

PD 730/750

  • PD 730 for 1200/1500 Surface Vertical Rods.
  • PD 750 for 1300 Concealed Vertical Rods.
  • Size: 35-1/2″ x 14″ x 28-3/4″ (900mm x 350mm x 730mm).
  • Weight: 13 lb (6kg).
  • Note: Size and weight exclude device.

Door Coordinators

Klacci Door Hardware CR Series Door Coordinators

   Learn More   


  • Klacci ANSI Grade 1 30 Series Electrical Exit Devices
    Klacci ANSI Grade 1 30 Series Electrical Exit Devices

   Learn More   

Fire Door Applications and Listings

F30 Series Fire Exit Devices
Maximum Door Opening Applications and Listings

Single DoorDouble Door   
With 170
With 270
Same Direction
Double Egress
Metal3 Hour
4′ x 8′
3 Hour
8′ x 8′
3 Hour
8′ x 8′
Metal3 Hour
4′ x 10′
3 Hour
8′ x 10′
3 Hour
8′ x 10′
Metal3 Hour
4′ x 10′
3 Hour
8′ x 10′
3 Hour
8′ x 10′

4′ (1219mm), 8′ (2438mm), 10′ (3048mm)


  1. Fire Exit Device conforms to UL10C and UBC7-2.
  2. Fire Exit Device is applicable for wood door with 1-1/2 Hour or 1/3 Hour rating.
  3. Consult with door manufacturer for specific limitations on Fire Door Assemblies.

Headquarters and Operation Office

I-TEK Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Global Office


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