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Hospitality Access Control Solutions

For many years, Klacci has been committed to deliver the most comprehensive range of products and services to our customers. Ranging from mechanical security products to electronic access control solutions, we strive to supply our customers around the globe with the most reliable and highest quality products, to bring safety and security in every application.

With the fast advancement of wireless technology and communications, we are determined to seek new innovative ways to develop products and services that reflect the effort in everything that we do for our clients, with a promise of not only meeting your requirements but also exceeding your expectations.

The hospitality industry’s needs and expectations continue to raise, and Klacci provides hotel entrepreneurs the ease management they need and the hotel experience their guest seek and deserve. Our products and services are designed to fulfill the most demanding requirements, bringing peace of mind for owners and guests at all times.

Comprehensive Solutions for Everyone

For Hotel Guests

New and innovative hotel experience

Guests can enjoy a seamless experience with the mobile access control solution. From the hotel booking to the stay, guests can feel they have total control over their lodging preferences.

Time saving

With the improved hotel management systems, hotel guests can experience a fast check-in process to save time. With the additional mobile access solutions with online wireless systems, guests can perform online booking and check-in via smartphone, allowing them to go straight to their room the moment they step into the hotel premise and start enjoying their stay.

For Hotel Owners and Staff Members

Satisfied guests

The most important goal for a hotel service is to ensure that its guest experience an enjoyable stay through reliable, secure yet easy to use and convenient access control and services that offer a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Ease of management and efficiency

Hotel management can benefit from a user-friendly access control and management system that manages guest and staff access rights and updating the information of the lock in a convenient way, combined with the mobile access solution, check-in and management times can be greatly reduced and staff can focus on providing a better guest service.

Cost effectiveness and high-profitability

Outdated magstripe locks, PDAs, traditional key locks and other equipment can now be replaced by the i Series durable and strong hotel lock, through its fast installation and wireless communication features the hardware maintenance and upgrade costs can be minimized. By reducing the unavailability of the rooms due to maintenance, hotels can make full use of room turnovers, thus increasing profits, guest satisfaction and return rates.

The i Series Keyless Lock is combines the robustness and durability of Klacci’s ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 locksets with the latest wireless communication technology, resulting in a product that is not just gives you the safety and security you need, it does it in the smart way.

The enhanced strength and security of the mortise lockset is ensured to maximize the hotel’s level of comfort and security, whilst providing exceptional guest experience.

The Smart Lock’s built-in memory allows the storage of access information, which prevents data loss due to power outage, so that hotel management no longer needs to spend time in reconfiguring each lock.

Contactless Access Control prolongs the life cycle of the physical devices by reducing wear on the hardware, and strengthens the reliability of security by leaving no trace of verifications. Furthermore, Mifare® credential integrates the purpose of transport tickets, ID cards and small amount payment all in one. Users can leave behind the burden of bringing multiple credentials while accommodation businesses to reduce costs for issuing and replacing access cards.


  • Compatible with NFC/Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, Mifare® smart cards, transponders and smartwatch.
  • Mechanical key override for emergency opening.
  • Powered by 6 AA alkaline batteries with a lifespan of approximately 16 months.
  • HOLD OPEN mode constantly keeps unlocked until reset back to standard mode.
  • PRIVACY mode temporarily disables all user access rights.
  • Outside trim locks automatically for added security and the lock registers every user’s audit trail.


Simplicity with Offline System

Suitable for small to medium sized hotels that do not require complex system to manage their access control. A management APP can be used as a hand held device to setup each lock’s room number and time correction. Guests will receive their room card with all required information within it, all access data will be transferred once the card or smartphone is presented to the lock.

Efficiency with Real-time Online System

All hotel entrances can be connected wiredly or wirelessly to enhance data transfer and management efficiency. Any changes in access rights are updated instantly without the need to approach each entry and do it manually.

Solution Choices

Klacci Hospitality System

New hotels that require a complete access control and management system along with the electronic access control hardware can use our ready-to-use integrated system that offers everything you need regarding management and access control.

System Customization

This solution is aimed towards hotels and applications that already have a running access control and management system. Klacci hospitality provides the APP’s Software Development Kit (SDK) to allow existing systems for smooth communication and integration.

Third-party systems

Apart from Klacci’s hospitality system, customers also have the choice of certified partners that can integrate our system with their products and services to match your personalized needs.

Smart Access Where It’s Needed

Access control management is not limited to safety and security of guest rooms. It is equally important for amenities and staff rooms without compromising the ease of management.

The i Series Access Control Reader is a flexible solution that adapts to a wide variety of applications, including the access control of facilities such as conference rooms, spas, sports centers, among many others. Also, this reader module can be applied in elevators for floor control to increase the premise’s overall security.

The reader is integrated into the guest and staff access control system, allowing users to use one single smartphone, smart card, smartwatch, transponder or wristband to access any part of the premise with simplicity.

All You Need for Access Security

Apart from our reliable and flexible access control solutions for hospitality applications, an extensive selection of door hardware is available to complement and match your need.


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