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Series Standalone Keyless Lock

ANSI Grade 1 Keyless Lock

Intelligent. Secure. Convenient.

Outstanding Products and Services

Klacci is the prestigious brand of I-TEK Company that provides its customers all over the world with ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 and Grade 2 locks.

As a long-established brand, I-TEK has manufactured an extensive selection of products and has gained more than 50 years of design and manufacturing expertise in the architectural and security industry. Through the use of advanced CAD and simulation software, the most rigorous of testings and high-precision automated manufacturing processes, combined with a highly efficient management, we ensure that the highest quality products are delivered to our customers in time. Nowadays, Klacci is known to offer professional and high-quality services throughout the world.

Meeting customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations is Klacci’s unchanging philosophy. When using Klacci’s products, you will feel safe and secure, thus improving you lifestyle quality.

Your KEY is not the key

Fast and contactless communication is the main advantage of the Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID. Utilizing the convenience of the RFID technology, the unlocking key of the  Series access control lock can be a smart card, a transponder or even a wearable device. Not a fan of the electronics? A mechanical key option is reserved to override unlocking of the lock due to your preference or when the battery is drained.

Further to bring convenience to your hands, the  Series access control lock is an frontier to the market that support both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and NFC at the same lock from your mobile phone. The available smart phone app allows you to use your own devices to do more than just unlocking your lock.

The application of the  Series keyless lock is vast, including homes, offices, hotels, clinics or other small or medium businesses.

Key Type• Smartphone with NFC/Bluetooth 4.0* capabilities.
• Mifare® smart card.
• Transponder.
• Mechanical key.
*Bluetooth data transfer conforms to AES128 Encryption Standard.
Unlocking Modes• Standard mode (locking and unlocking determined by user).
HOLD OPEN mode (constantly unlocked until reset back to standard mode).
PRIVACY mode (all users’ access denied until reset back to standard mode or when turning inside lever; administrator can access normally).
Master Card• Add user: Approach master card to reader, press and hold the HOLD OPEN button; approach device that you want to authorize access.
• Delete user: Approach master card to reader, press and hold the PRIVACY button; approach device that you want to delete access.
Operating Temperature• 32°F ~ 120°F (0°C ~ 49°C).
Power Source• 6 AA alkaline batteries.
Battery Life• Estimated battery life of 5,000 cycle; for 10 uses per day, it can last for 16 months.
• When lock is not in use, it will go into battery saving mode to reduce lock’s standby power consumption.
• The low battery, the reader will beep and emit light to notify user.
User• One administrator.
• Maximum of 500 users.
Access Management• Smartphone required for management.
• Can store up to 10,000 audit trails.
Unlocking Time• Adjustable locking time from 1~126 seconds.
Standard Cylinder• 6-pin cylinder, with two nickel silver keys, compatible with Schlage® original cylinder.
I/C Core• 6 or 7-pin, compatible with Best® and Falcon®.
Door Position Switch (DPS)• When door is not properly closed or is forcibly opened, the DPS switch will detect and activate alarm to notify user or security of a possible intrusion.

Your Own Choice of Unlocking

i Series Standalone Keyless Lock

Whether it is regarding the application or the user’s habits, everyone has their own needs and preferences to unlock the door; hence the  Series standalone keyless lock offers four different options for opening the door, all of which can fulfill your needs.


i Series standalone keyless lock

The smart card is slim and light, can be easily and quickly authorized in number. It’s convenient to carry around and can be setup to open multiple doors.

i Series standalone keyless lock

The transponder is small in size and can be attached to your keychain. It can be setup to open multiple doors.

i Series standalone keyless lock

The smartphone provides you with the most complete access control service. Not only it becomes a multifunctional digital key, the APPKEY® app user interface allows user to quickly learn and use. Using the smartphone’s NFC or Bluetooth function one can unlock the door as well as manage it.

i Series standalone keyless lock

The mechanical key can be used for emergency situations such as power or electronic failure.

Smart Card

The smart card is suitable for giving temporary access to users, such as hotel guests, visitors or friends and relatives. Its use can be vast, not only can it be used to unlock doors, but it can also be used with other equipment such as elevators, computers, rental systems, etc.

When using the smart card there is no contact or friction with the lock, which prevents scratching and wearing of the products in use. smart cards are resistant to demagnetization, scratching and water. Also, a smart card can be used over again, which makes it much more cost-effective than magnetic cards or other devices.

i Series Standalone Keyless Lock Smart Card

  • The factory smart cards can be set up as master cards, even without a smartphone you can perform simple access authorization.
  • Two smart card designs available: regular or staff ID.
  • When in PRIVACY mode, only the master card can be used to access.

* The master card is only used for adding and removing users’ authorizations and cannot be used for access. However, a master card for one lock can also become a user card for another lock.
* The master card and the administrator phone cannot exist simultaneously.


Standard• Conforms to ISO/IEC 14443-A standard.
Card Type• Mifare® Classic, Mifare® DESFire, Mifare® Plus.
Frequency• 13.56 MHz.
Material• PVC.
Size• 3-3/8″ × 2-1/8″ × 1/32″ (85.6mm x 54mm x 0.8mm).


If you are tired of having to carry around a huge bundle of keys every time you go out, the transponder is a perfect choice for you.

The transponder’s material is durable and light, once you use it you will notice how the weight of your keys is lessened. If you have several  Series standalone keyless locks, you can access through all of them using a single transponder, carrying less burden with you.


Standard• Conforms to ISO/IEC 14443-A standard.
Water and Dust Resistance• IP66.
Frequency• 13.56 MHz.
Material• Durable synthetic resin.
Size• 1-3/4″ × 1-3/16″ × 3/32″ (45 mm x 30 mm x 2.3 mm).

APPKEY®: Security and Convenience Within Your Grasp

Smartphones have become an indispensable tool in our daily lives. By downloading the AppKey® mobile app into your smartphone, you can upgrade it even more.


  • The APPKEY® mobile app* provides an access control platform where you add, remove and manage user authorization, besides editing users’ personal information.
  • A single smartphone can manage multiple locks, so your overall management has no limits**.
  • The administrator phone can view all access records.
  • Special access conditions can be set for every user, such as limiting the access period or date.
  • No more searching for keys, use your smartphone instead.
  • You no longer have to worry when losing your keys. The administrator can quickly delete the authorization of lost smart cards or smartphones, or resetting the administration rights.
  • Temporary authorization to other smartphones can be remotely granted via e-mail.

*The APPKEY® mobile app is compatible with Android 5.0 and above operating system.
**The available number of locks managed is dependent on the administrator phone’s memory capacity and each lock’s number of users authorized.

Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions of Use

Convenient and Efficient Management Platform

No matter what kind of application, APPKEY® allows you to have the control of your doors in your hand. No need for additional wiring or complex and expensive management software. You can experience the convenience of the latest IoE technology, no longer having to worry about your access control management.

  • The administrator phone can use NFC or Bluetooth to grant access to user phones, smart cards or transponders. It can also write new authorization data into the lock using Bluetooth technology.
  • User device can access multiple doors. Each access will leave an access registry and can be viewed by the administrator once the administrator syncs their devices with the lock.
  • Remote authorization: in case the administrator needs to grant access to a user but cannot be present, an e-mail with an encrypted temporary access code can be sent to the user’s e-mail account.

The  Series standalone keyless lock not only provides the convenience of communication technology, but it also integrates the security and strength of the mechanical locks. Being the product’s core, we ensure the lock’s mechanical design conform with America’s strictest Grade 1 standard and UL listed for 3 hours fire rating, to guarantee that you receive the highest quality and most reliable product, so that you can feel convenience and security at the same time.

Trim Design

i Series Standalone Keyless Lock Escutcheon Type

i Series Standalone Keyless Lock Sectional Type

 Escutcheon Type Sectional Type


i-01 Cylindrical Lock

i-01 Cylindrical Lock

  • Strong and durable chassis .
  • Spindle design prevents lever sagging.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Spindle design allows the interchanging of standard and I/C cylinders.

Lock Specifications

Certification• Conforms to UL294 Access Control System Units and CAN/ULC-60839 Electronic Access Control Systems standards.
• Conforms to ANSI/BHMA A156.2 Grade 1 Cylindrical Lock standard.
• Conforms to ANSI/BHMA A156.25 Electrified Locking Devices standard.
Fire Rating• UL/cUL listed for 3-hour fire rating.
Backset• 2-3/4″ (70 mm) standard, 2-3/8″ (60 mm), 3-3/4″ (95 mm) and 5″ (127 mm) optional.
Door Range• 1-3/8″ (35 mm) to 2″ (51 mm) wood or metal door.
Latchbolt• 1/2″ (12.5 mm) throw, UL listed, faceplate self-adjusted.
Handing• Non-handed.


i-90/94(10/14*) Mortise Lock

i-90/94(10/14*) Mortise Lock

  • Lock is embedded into the door, its concealed installation prevents from damage inflicted by outside factors.
  • Strong latchbolt resistant to impacts and intrusions. deadbolt adds another level of security.
  • When the door is closed, the auxiliary latchbolt ensures that the latchbolt cannot be retracted in unusual ways, thus preventing intrusion attempts.

* 10/14 for one piece latch.

Lock Specifications

Certification• Conforms to UL294 Access Control System Units and CAN/ULC-60839 Electronic Access Control Systems standards.
• Conforms to ANSI/BHMA A156.13 Grade 1 Mortise Lock standard.
• Conforms to ANSI/BHMA A156.25 Electrified Locking Devices standard.
Fire Rating• UL/cUL listed for 3-hour fire rating.
Backset• 2-3/4″ (70 mm).
Door Range• 1-3/8″ (35mm) to 2″ (51 mm) metal door.
• 1-3/4″ (45 mm) to 2″ (51 mm) wood door.
Deadbolt• Stainless steel, 1″ (25 mm) throw.
Latchbolt• Stainless steel, with anti-friction tongue, 3/4″ (19 mm) throw.
Handing• Non-handed.
• Handed for specific lever designs.
Spacing• 3-5/8″ (92 mm) mm center cylinder to spindle.
• 2-7/16″ (62 mm) mm center thumbturn to spindle.
Case Size• 4-5/16″ x 6″ x 1″ (110 mm x 152 mm x 25 mm).


*Specify door handing.

Headquarters and Operation Office

I-TEK Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Global Office


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